All Eaten Away Invisible Man T-Shirt

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All Eaten Away Invisible Man T-Shirt T-shirts


This Invisible Man t-shirt features images of Dr. Jack Griffin slowly removing his glasses, fake nose, and bandages, revealing that he is invisible.

On a snowy night, Jack Griffin walked into The Lion’s Head Inn. Local villagers wanted to see what this stranger looked like, and Griffin peeled off his disguise as he said, “All right, you fools. You’ve brought it on yourselves! Everything would have come right if you’d only left me alone. You’ve driven me near madness with your peering through the keyholes and gaping through the curtains, and now you’ll suffer for it! You’re crazy to know who I am, aren’t you? All right! I’ll show you!”

The Invisible Man is one of the true classics from the golden age of horror. Show that you are a fan of the 1933 classic with this All Eaten Away Invisible Man T-Shirt!

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All Eaten Away Invisible Man T-Shirt

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