Front & Back Rambo III T-Shirt


Front & Back Rambo III T-Shirt T-shirts


The front of this Rambo t-shirt features the logo for the 1988 blockbuster Rambo III. The back of the shirt shows the movie logo and an image of John Rambo tightening his bandana around his head.

In Rambo III, Sam Trautman travels to Thailand, hoping to convince veteran John Rambo to accompany him on a training mission in Afghanistan. When Rambo refuses, Trautman decides to go alone. While trying to help the mujahideen, Trautman is captured by a ruthless Russian colonel, who submits Trautman to torture. Hearing the news, Rambo volunteers for a top secret undercover mission to rescue his longtime friend.

Everyone will immediately know you are a fan of the action-packed movie starring Sylvester Stallone when you wear this Front & Back Rambo III T-Shirt!

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Front & Back Rambo III T-Shirt

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